Hyundai Motor Group Metaplant America, LLC is working alongside the Georgia Department of Labor to secure its massive workforce. Some 8,000 plus job openings will be open over the next several years, but more than a dozen are available now, including Global Trade Manager, Procurement Management Assistant Manager and Treasury Manager.

Jennifer Loy, Supervisor of the Customized Recruitment Team under the Business Services Unit of the GDOL, said her team is excited to help the automaker put together a solid labor force.  

“Our unit has such a large team of people that are dedicated and work tirelessly from the beginning of the process, from the time construction begins until the business has opened their doors,” said Loy. “It is rewarding to be able to look back and see the successful thriving business and know that we are part of that.”

All positions posted are current and Loy said the timeline to get each job filled differs.

“We receive new positions from Hyundai as they become available, and we remove positions as they become filled, so we’re never recruiting for a position that’s not vacant,” said Loy. “And as far as I know, we are the sole source of recruitment for them.”

Hyundai is offering competitive pay and a relocation package. “We do not have the starting pay yet, but Hyundai assured us the starting pay is above average and highly competitive for the area,” said Loy.

Loy said they have not run into any challenges yet because they are not focused on all 8,000 jobs at once. Folks from out of state have shown interest in the positions posted, but Loy said most of the applicants are from the Savannah area.

“I think that’s in part because they are new to the area,” said Loy. “There’s a lot of press related to it right now, so they are getting a lot of local attention. I think as we progress through this, it’s going to get a lot more media attention and word will spread and people will come to us from farther out as well.”

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Published by Savannah Morning News, Nov. 7, 2022